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Barbell Bootcamp

Barbell Bootcamp

Barbell Bootcamp is a comprehensive 10 Week Program that teaches proper execution of foundational barbell movements while building muscle and burning fat. This detailed program also includes Nutrition Templates and access to video coaching reviews via text and email to provide feedback and ensure proper form.


What you get:

  • Printable PDF Training Logs sent weekly
  • Emails sent daily with video demonstrations and detailed instructions
  • 4 Weight Training Sessions per week
  • 2 Conditioning Sessions per week
  • Introductory Nutrition Template (first 5 weeks)
  • Advanced Nutrition Template (second 5 weeks)
  • Video Coaching Feedback via text or email


  • File Format

    Upon completion of your purchase, you will recieve an email asking you to confirm your purchase and subscribe to receive daily emails from Barbell Bootcamp. Once you have subscribed you will begin receiving daily emails with detailed instructions and video demonstrations for each exercise.

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